Welcome to our class blog!

Here we’ll share our reflections on what and how we are learning in this unique online AP Government course. Look for our first student-authored post on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.

We invite you to return often and read what we write!

For more information on our blogging assignment, please read the “About” page.



    • Thanks Dayna! You and I are in agreement on reflection, and I can’t wait to see the results with these students.
      We appreciate having you as a reader, and look forward to the conversations!
      Mike Gwaltney, Instructor.


    • We really appreciate the good wishes, Dave!
      And hopefully we’ll be able to make some sense of American politics. We’ll need that luck you wished us. 😉
      Thanks for reading.
      Mike Gwaltney, Instructor.


  1. As an 8th World Geography/Cultures teacher whose students just started a current events blog, I look forward to you sharing your learning and thoughts. I will have my students comment as we follow along. Excellent site!


    • Kay – we would love to have your students read and comment! The more participants in our conversation, the more we all benefit. The power of connections in learning is truly remarkable, and it will be great for us all to experience it.
      Looking forward to the discussion!


    • Thank you for the comment. I too see this blog assignment as a way for students to think and write creatively. Let’s hope it turns out that way!
      Please do return and read and comment from time to time.
      Mike Gwaltney, Instructor.


    • Thank you, Angela! We’ll really benefit from your perspective, so never hesitate to share them here. As a matter of fact, if you have your students read our posts, we welcome their comments too! Hopefully we can all learn via the connections.
      Thanks for reading, and commenting.


  2. I’m looking forward to reading the reflections and seeing how this will work. Thanks for sharing. (I’m an AP GOPO teacher in Virginia.)


    • Mary, we’re happy you’ll be reading the blog and look forward to conversations that develop along the way.
      Don’t ever hesitate to share your observations and expertise.
      Thank you!
      Mike Gwaltney, Instructor


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