AP Government changed my thinking. How about yours?

So much has changed since my first post about AP government. Instead of more personal discussions, they tend to concern current events. The change reminds me of AP Human Geography last year. Before when I was taking that class, I thought the information would never help me in another, but (Surprise!) it has. Whether it’s anazalying graphs of birth rate or immigration rate into America much of this information I have seen before. However, I was looking at this information on a larger scale, and I did not focus just on the US. However in government, the analyzing of graphs are specific to how the US is being affected.

On Monday, my school held a “shadow day” where students followed a person who had a profession which interested them. Because I am interested in law, I was assigned the US Attorney office for my district. Let me just say, so much of the information I have learned from AP Government was used in my discussions with employees all day. The official person I was shadowing was the assistant Attorney General who handles fire arm cases. Oddly enough the test before in AP Government was on liberties and rights. Because the right to have arms is given to citizens, it was interesting to hear of all the reasons this right would be taken away. The federal government takes away the right to bare arms when a citizen is a convicted felon or convicted for domestic violence. Because domestic violence is not a felony, it is unique that it is the extended rule. Also while shadowing, I was able to see the trial of two hitmans for the biggest drug lord caught last year. Sitting in a separate room from the trial because it was too dangerous made me realize the importance of our government. In AP Government, we discussed what happens when rights conflict. This month I also researched the case Gideon vs. Wainwright which gave rights back to criminals. In the case of the drug lord, 12 people were accused, and 10 pleaded guilty. However, there is two who want their right to a fair trial which the federal government is giving and paying for high private attorneys. Though everyone knows that they are guilty, the government does not invade on their rights until convicted by a jury.

Because we just had our second test, I am becoming use to taking them online though it is hard. I am the type of student who wants to print off every piece of paper so that I can write on, scratch off, or underline while taking a test. Also there is that added stress of the time clock in the corner, but I guess it makes it more like the AP test. Instead of feeling like a time crunch which I did on the first test, I made the clock more of a challenge for myself. I know that I take a long time on test, because I say more than is needed. WIth the clock in the corner, I keep it simple and to the point.

Every week we do a current event personal blog. However for me, the current event that has caught my eye twice has been about schools. I do not know what about schools catch my attention more than the Republican nomination, but I go with it. Because my city is merging two fairly large school systems together beginning the 2012-2013 school year, there is lots of discussion going on about it in my city. This event worries me though it does not directly affect me. With the private personal blog, I am able to address my fears without judgement.

Thanks for Reading



  1. I am glad to see that you take such an interest in government. It is the unjustified view of many people that government is a useless institution at town and city levels. But I’, glad that you recognize how important it can be, and also how just our legal system is. Also, it is very admirable that you take something that may have hindered you in the past, and make it help you. not everyone can do that.


    • Thanks for your comment disneyprincess789, and I really like your name. I think the interest in government has been caused by this class, but also involvement in things like Mock Trial and Youth Leg. My school left last week for Youth Leg, and now some of the bills are being heard in the capital. Here is a link to one of the bills that are to be heard if there are enough signatures. Once again thanks for your comment and have a good one.


  2. Hi there,

    Great post- as you said, taking a test online is definitely an adjustment. I’m someone who likes to write things down, highlight in multiple colors, etc., so moving everything to a digital space threw me for a loop! That being said, it’s an excellent skill for you to learn, as you progress both in your studies, and into the workforce in the future. I’ve been to a lot of meetings where everyone used a tablet rather than a pad of paper (plus it saves trees).

    It sounds like your shadow day was very exciting, and it’s great that you were able to tie in what you’ve learned in this course to understand what was happening in the trial. Great work!


    • Thanks Heather for your comment. I have noticed the change from paper to tablets in my classroom also. The only problem with that use of technology is that I do not have one at home. I believe that is the only problem with technology right now is the price to have all the different devices. However with the new Ipad coming out with a lower price, I am looking into a tablet to help with note taking and saving paper. Once again thanks for your comment!


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