Society’s View of Women

I would like to start off saying that I haven’t been quite myself these last two weeks. Because I took four days extra for spring break so that my family can vacation on my sister’s college week off, I have been behind. To me getting behind is a tough situation. You have to worry about emailing teachers, make-up work, and did you miss anything. Woah! Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. Then to believe that I haven’t walked physically into school for two weeks, but because I do not feel that way makes me dread going back. The course load in AP Government this week has not been bad at all, but I feel like the computer is getting to me. It runs in my family to have horrible vision, so it is no surprise that mine is bad and getting worse. Besides that lets look to the brighter side of things!

So before writing this, I had NO clue what to say. I looked at other classmates’ work, and it was all great. But I cannot copy their ideas, I want to be original. Then it clicked. Earlier I was watching the new hit series GCB which if you haven’t seen on abc you should. It stereotypes every Texas Christian women, and it goes overboard. However, what many might not know is the controversy over what GCB stands for. Now I will not go into much detail about that because I do not say such words, but I find it funny how even the Republican candidate running for nomination Newt Gingrich commented on this show. He called the show “un-Christian.” In my mind, the show is not trying to show the Christian side of things; instead it is showing the hypocrisy of American culture. We all have the right to the freedom of speech. This show was not created out of pure imagination, it came from a book which was already published. The way women are viewed is displayed in the tv show that’s comedy in it.

GCB on the View    

Before tuning into this show, I went to pick up a dress for a fashion show on Tuesday. While picking out a dress, I had five other girls around me all from different backgrounds. I come from a family where I am not restricted by conservativeness like you cannot show your shoulders or you must cover your hair though my brother is muslim. But when I was shopping, I realized not everyone is like me. Many girls had to okay whether the color was to bright or if showing the shoulders was too much. This experience made me see that women are hiding behind themselves, and it is because of history. I’m not 18 yet so I do not know what it feels like to vote, but I’m waiting for that experience. Women have to wait for so many things like the typical life of marriage, kids, and career. While watching GCB, people disgusted, but do they not see the reality because I do. The reality that women grow up with the same liberties and rights, but we don’t really use them. We depend on others to care for us because that’s what society taught us, but we complain about welfare. I do not know for sure just some thought.

As always thanks for reading and have a blessed one!



  1. Your article was very intriguing to me. Often, I see young women with unlimited potential rush out of school only to get married. While I am not belittling their lifestyle, I am belittling, what I believe, is the tradition they follow. For many young women, once they graduate high school they get married, have a kid, and then find a low paying job or attempt to get through school. That’s what our tradition says is the “next steps” for them. Communities, schools, and parents must begin sending a unified message to these young women and provide them with role models they can look up to.

    Good blog.


  2. I found your article interesting because I have been thinking about how people view women as well. I understand that you are saying women hide behind themselves but a lot of the time it is due to what they believe in their religions and how they portray themselves to the world. It is sad that women have to “hide behind themselves” but it’s not sad, in my opinion, if it is their own choice. I agree with the comment above me that women need role models that they can look up to as well. Overall great post.


  3. I was very surprised with the stance you took towards the end of your post. It seems that the most common position of women about their rights and how they are treated, is that they are at a disadvantage. I, however, disagree. When it comes to their liberties and freedoms, in America, we are all equal, ideally. In other countries, the women are considered lower and are required to be more concealed or quiet. I think we are blessed in this country to be able to wear what we want, be what we want, and do what we want, regardless of our gender or race. Many women need to realize how lucky they are and take full advantage of their freedoms. No more hiding, get out there and shine! Overall, I really enjoyed reading your post and I look forward to hearing more from you!


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