News and Democracy

From previous chapters in Government, I realized how uninformed my generation is compared to other generations. With the information in Wilson’s book and on a previous AP test, there is fact that my generation watches nightly news irregularly or never. However, I do believe media other than the news informs my generation. In my mind, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter bring information. On social networking sites, information spreads quicker than a news program or spreading by mouth.

By the news spreading in social networking sites, the information is different then what would be on a channel three news. The news has to relate to the person reading or skimming a site so that they will pause to learn more. This is different from tv, because a viewer has to watch everything to find something that interests them. To me, it is beneficial that by using the Internet you pick what news that you want to hear. One of my favorite current news updater is Yahoo news; because sites like CNN have so much information on different topics, it is wild. However, on Yahoo there are sixty news updates that a viewer can choose. I can pick from news of Vogue not using “super” skinny model versus information on an eclipse that is beautiful, but I have no interest in. By people picking what information is told to them is both bad and beneficial.

With discussing the ability to gain knowledge, I debated what is the best way to educate the younger generation. From my experience, my first taste of democracy and elections was this year with class elections, which is similar to other students in high school. Before in high school, I never ran for a position, which required the majority vote till this year. Unlike real elections, I did not have to campaign or spend a lot of money. However, students in council elections must spend hundreds on food, posters, and prizes. The sad part about these elections is that there is only one winner though each person spends the same amount of money like the real world. To be a winner, a candidate must display ability to fulfill tasks and have a catchy slogan. Without both, the candidate will not ultimately win.

On the topic of educating students, I wonder is this the best way to tell students about democracy and our government? It’s the sad truth that someone has to lose that I believe discourages people. When the results for the election were told, I was disappointed and felt like my votes did not matter. However, I know that being discouraged is a part of life, and it cannot be the deciding factor. If elections were not in schools, I think even fewer people would vote. In addition, I wonder is it such a bad thing that education is a big factor of who is likely to vote. Would you want someone who cares neither for the country nor for education making decisions for you? I want everyone to have an equal voice, but I do not want the wrong opinion to be the majority.


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  1. Hi, I really liked and definitely definitely agreed with what you had to say about the lack of teaching children about democracy. I was wondering, what do you think would be good ways to improve the system now in order to better inform the youth on current events especially the upcoming election?.
    Thanks, Greg


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