Bully Awareness

A very important issue that is affecting everyone globally is bullying in general. It is an issue that needs to be stopped. According to www.stopbullying.gov, bullying is defined as aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power and is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. I believe it is National Bullying Prevention month and I think its appropriate to address the matter. Bullying consists of three types of abuse: verbal, physical, and emotional where they all involve coercion or intimidation. There is both direct bullying, which is interaction with an individual, and indirect bullying, through social media or gossip. Since it has only started to pique researchers, parents and authority figures recently, they had separated this offence. The Anti-bullying movement had gained popularity and many projects has been formed to prevent bullying. The It Gets Better Project inspires hope for gay teens who face harassment, and the aforementioned website wants people to help by speaking out.

Suicide is a big issue and it usually results because of bullying. A study in Britain shows that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying. Phoebe Prince committed suicide in 2010 for being bullied by two groups of teenagers who attended her school in Massachusetts, Megan Meier killed herself in 2006 because of consistent cyber bullying, and Eden Wormer committed suicide after enduring years of bullying at school. The teens ages range from 12-17 which is very sad to see that this is happening at a very early age. Most kids are targeted because of their race, appearance, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc.

The whole issue of bullying has motivated many states and countries to raise awareness and encourages others to do the same to prevent the life of a person from being destroyed by hatred, anger and jealousy. They encourage us to speak up because it will make a difference. Yes, I was bullied in elementary for being too smart and quiet but I learned to speak up which showed the bully that I was no longer afraid of their threats. In my opinion, the ability to speak up and stand up for yourself helps a lot because it shows that you have control over your own life and you won’t fall under their command. However, every situation is different because they might push you to not do it again but it just means you have to work harder.

Bullying impacts the world globally where people strive to make a difference by trying to prevent it. It brings you to the lowest point in your life and allows you to accept the criticism people hit you with. There are people out there who have committed their lives to preventing this cause because they are motivated to stop it and I admire them for it. Bullying can destroy everything we love unless we stop it from happening. United, we can make a difference.



  1. Hey,

    My name is Mira from Oregon Episcopal School. Thanks for such a great post! I really enjoyed reading it; you made many really great points and it was very well written. I completely agree with you about the importance of combatting bullying. It is a real issue and happens so often with such terrible consequences. I feel like today often when people hear about bullying they dismiss it with the thought that it does not affect them and is just a “social problem” among mentally developing teenagers. But, as you pointed out, it is more than a small problem and can lead to suicide in teenagers who have their whole lives ahead of them and insecurity that can last an entire life. It is up to everybody to actively combat bullying with compassion and acceptance of everybody. Every child deserves the opportunity to be whoever he or she wants to be and be appreciated and respected for it.



  2. Hi Kristy,

    I appreciate that you brought up bullying in your blog post. With the internet being the main source of communication in the world, it’s so much easier to bully someone because you don’t have to look at them face-to-face and deal with the emotions on the other end. There are so many organizations that people are advocating for, especially celebrities (like Demi Levato), but I don’t know if they are actually taking any effect. What are some ideas or things that you do to prevent the bullying that is happening around you?

    Nice post,


    • Hi Grace,
      An idea that I have is killing it with kindness because if you’re always so positive and kind, they might just find you boring or they might amp it up a bit but that means you have to be more kind than you were. I know this might sound confusing but retaliating by doing something horrible to them just stoops you to their level when that may have not been your intention. I’m not saying that its easy but it’s not impossible and it shows everyone else that you are the better person. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for your comment.


  3. Hey Kristy,

    Bullying is definitely becoming an important and concerning issue and I think you did a great job addressing the topic. Your solution of teaching people to stand up to the bullies is a great idea, but that solution has been around for a while and yet the situation is not improving. I think a better way to combat this issue is to approach it from both sides: the people being bullied and the bullies themselves. As well as teaching their children to stand up to bullies, parents should teach their children not to be bullies. Neither option is easy but I think it is the best way to fight this problem. If parents exhibit kind and accepting behavior towards people in their live, their children will most likely to behave the same way. Likewise, if parent stand up for themselves, it will come more naturally to their children.

    Kudos to you for picking such a difficult topic!


  4. Hi kristy,

    It’s great to hear you bring more awareness to this very important subject. I often feel like adults throw this to the side with the thought, “oh those silly kids,” but this is a very real problem. If the suicides tell us nothing else, it tells us that things like this have to stop. Of course, that isn’t exactly easy to do. Kids will always pick on each other, and with the use of the internet that becomes an even easier thing to do. Just the other year I had the opportunity to run sounds for a show called, “The Bully Plays.” The show is a compilation of short skits (admittedly some better than others) that demonstrate every aspect of bullying, from the victim to the bully to even the spectator. It really gave me a deeper perspective into this problem, and I think that it is a show that kids should watch. Once again, good post, and I hope you continue your fight against bullying.



  5. Hi Kristy,

    I thought your blog post was not only informative but very well written. People need to understand how much of a serious issue bullying is and that even the slightest words or actions can leave the largest and most unpleasant impact on peoples lives. The results of bullying, as you said, can lead to something even as horrible as suicide. It really isn’t fair for someone to take their own life because of rude comments made by others. Unfortunately, I feel even with help of organizations that bullying will not ever entirely go away. But as you said before the most important part is being able to speak up about it. How do you think children and teens should go about doing this? Do you think it would really help or would it only escalate the problem?



  6. Hi Kristy,
    Thank you for writing such a great post and recognizing the impact bullying has on people, especially the youth. All the evidence and stories you discuss in your post are very sad yet informative, and will hopefully make more people aware of the harm bullying causes. I am curious to hear what you think about the involvement schools have with bullying. It has come to my attention, through these stories of bullying as well as what I hear from my younger brother, that schools do not always step in and work to prevent bullying. Do you think this is true and do you have any ideas about what schools can do to work towards stopping bullying?
    Great post!


  7. Hey Kristy!

    I think you make a great point, but what do youyou think is the best way to reduce bulling, or even get rid of it? Bullying is a terrible disease, spreading from power hungry youth desperate to feel better than others to others who might even just want to fit in. One idea I have is to make sure children feel appreciated and important from a young age, therefore those who act as bullies to gain power and attention will no longer need to do that. What do you think about getting existing bullies to stop? It may sound harsh, but I think those who bully should face criminal charges. That way there is more of a deterrent and perhaps an early wake up call like getting arrested will stop that person from getting worse in the future.
    I look forward to hearing your opinions,


  8. Nice post, Kristy! I really liked how you brought up statistical facts as well as your own opinion in your post, it made it interesting to read, kudos. The affects of bullying that you discussed in your post made me wonder of ways that bullying could be stopped or at least decreased among youth. In my opinion just offering help to those who are bullied is helpful to those individuals, but does not help fix the whole problem. I was thinking that maybe a better way would be to raise awareness of bullying to other outside students (who are not bullies or receivers of bullying) and make sure they know that it is their responsibility to prevent bullying, because it is bring down the communities that they are part of. Would you agree? or are there any other more efficient ways you could think of to prevent bullying?



  9. Hi Kristy!
    My name is Bradley and this is my first time commenting on one of your posts. This really caught my eye, for many reasons. Mostly because of how well you organized everything, and how well you really described everything in a clear manor. I also am impressed with how well you went into a topic like this. Everything you said was true and important, but one thing you left out, was how bullying can lead to severe depression, which leads to suicide, or when is not dealt with, can be much worse then suicide. How do you think kids and adults should go about bullying?



  10. Hello, Kristy!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog and think it is really wonderful and bold that you chose this topic. This was extremely well written and full of really important information. I think the best way to end bullying is for members of our generation to work together to ensure it ends. I agree with your point that self advocating as well as being an advocate for others is extremely important in the fight against bullying.


  11. Hi Kristy,
    I really liked your post about bullying and agree that it is an important issue. I do not think it is right for people to be bullied because of their differences. The quote “united, we can make a difference” really stood out to me. Do you think that over the past years bullying has become more or less of an issue?
    Great post,


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