Junior year in my English class a term paper is due at the end of the year. This term paper involves reading multiple books (or plays) by the same English author. I, to put it simply, am not an avid reader. It is not that I do not like reading, it is just that it is hard for me to find a book that captures my interest.

A week ago my class went to the library to learn about the authors we could choose. The librarian explained that I could choose an author who focused on the theme of romance, family, dystopian societies, rebirth, adulthood etc. After the visit to the library, I still had no idea which author I was going to pick.

My English teacher scheduled meetings with everyone in our class to discuss the term paper. I was not looking forward to informing him that I had absolutely no idea which author interested me. It was a long, painful walk over to his desk as I contemplated how I should break the news, because most English teachers do not enjoy hearing that one of their students is not a “fan” of reading. I told my English teacher of my distaste for books and my lack of opinion on the British authors. My teacher explained to me that he would help me choose a book, but, because he did not know me very well he was not sure which books I would enjoy the most. I sat in silence while he sat in thought, considering each author. When he looked up at me he seemed to be glowing with anticipation. My English teacher looked at me and said “if there is a little bit of nut in the Walnut, which I am positive there is, then you should read Equus and Amadeus!”

*Note: Some of my friends call me Walnut, which my English teacher found very amusing and now calls me that as well.

I was concerned, not about the plays. The plays actually sounded interesting in a creepy and disturbing sort of way. No, I did not have anything against the plays he chose for me, but I could not help wondering what he thought of me after that conversation. He could have selected any of the approximately 50 books/plays, but he thought that the author I would enjoy most was the one who wrote about a man with an abnormal obsession with horses. The only thing I could really think of asking my English teacher after he told me I would enjoy Equus and Amadeus was “ok, so what do you think of me exactly?”

I never asked my English teacher for his opinion of me or why he believed I would enjoy the books he had chosen. I am going to start reading the plays soon and I am just hoping that he was right when he said that “there was some nut in the Walnut.”


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