Those Republicans

I recently read an article titled “What the @#$#% is wrong with republicans? How are GOP men ruining the party”  from the magazine “Newsweek” my history teacher got last month. As I was flipping through the magazine, this title and the its background picture caught my immediate attention. As you can see on this picture, one woman is in a crowd of male politicians…this must be suggesting something.

I had no idea what GOP means, so I googled it. GOP stands for “Grand Old Party” which is the republican party. I’ve always thought that republicans are more conservative… I mean mostly on the right of women, and this article proved that I am right. In the article, it says that the conservative republicans want people to have birth control, although 77% disagree. ‘Back in my day, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The Gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly’…WOW.

Some people call the republican party–a party hates women.
“… from laws attempting to require transvaginal probes for women seeking abortion to promises to defund Planned Parenthood to Rush Limbaugh’s calling law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” when she testified about the need for insurance coverage for contraception. Agree or not with her argument, powerful men shouldn’t call young women sluts for attempting to participate in a grown-up debate about health care. Agree or not with a woman’s decision to end a pregnancy, elected officials shouldn’t parse the definition of rape as “legitimate” or otherwise. For the record, the bill to redefine rape as “forcible” had 227 Republican cosponsors.” —from “What the @#$#% is wrong with republicans? How are GOP men ruining the party”

In the article, it also mentioned that Romney selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate, and the platform includes one OF Ryan’s signature issue–a human life amendment of the constitution that could preclude abortion even for rape or incest. We studied about the abortion issue previously, and most of the people agree that abortion should be legal when dealing with rape, abuse, or incest. Indeed, 75% of the crowd believe that abortion should be legal in case of rape or incest. Abortion is the constitutional right of women, but now many states already made regulations on it and provide no funds for the women who need the money for abortion. Adding on this, the republican party is making a amendment to suppress women’s rights even more. ‘We assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed’, so how about the fundamental individual right of a woman?

On another controversial issue–gay marriage, I think the answer is obvious enough, a huge underlined bolded NO. Mitt Romney says that I think from the beginning of my political career, I’ve made it very clear that I believe marriage should be a relationship between a man and a woman, while 54% of American adults say gay marriage is morally acceptable. I personally believe that give gay people some freedom is necessary.. I watched a video before (long time ago, sorry don’t really remember the details) about a woman talking in a town’s meeting This woman was in a relationship with her partner for many many years. Her partner was seriously ill when the state passed down all the laws against gay people, so the poor woman could not even talk to her partner for the very last time. In the meeting, she told the the guy passed down all these that she would never forgive him for that.

So most women, gay people, blacks, and Latinos are voting for the democratic party, who are left in republican party? Answer: mostly conservative rich white men. This week I saw one of my classmate wearing a T-shirt says “women for Romney because we hate ourselves” on it. I just though it is very interesting.



  1. jdpobabo,

    This was a very interesting blog and I’m happy you led me to this article. While I can agree that some conservatives go too far with their views on women, I feel like its unfair to classify the whole party as women haters. After falling behind early in the election cycle, Romney is making a surge and is actually leading in the Gallup poll. If you look at the demographics of the voters who are changing who they vote for, the biggest switch is with women. If the Republican Party was so horrible to women, why would any woman ever even think about voting for them? It is also misstated that he is against all abortions and contraceptives. He says that abortions in the case of rape, incest, and if the woman’s health are in danger are ok and he is not against contraceptives, just if the government is paying for them.
    I guess I feel like the Republican Party is misrepresented as woman-haters which just isn’t true. If you have any questions just comment back.



  2. Dear jdpobabo,
    I agree with ahaye13 that it is unfair to suggest that the entire Republican party hates women and that Republican women hate themselves. Plus like ahaye13 said, I remember Romeny/Ryan saying that abortions would be allowed for rape, incest, or the woman’s health. I also think that an article titled “What the @#$#% is wrong with republicans? How are GOP men ruining the party” is probably so biassed towards the left wing that it should not be considered that reliable. The same would hold true for an article called “What the @#$% is wrong with democrats?”



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