Why All the GOP Hate?

With the 2012 Presidential Election looming over the next couple weeks, discussion of the candidates at my school has been pretty heavy recently. For the most part my school leans pretty far to the left, which is not particularly surprising with kids my age. A factor the creates an even bigger rift in opinions is that I attend an all-girl school. So naturally women’s issues come up extremely often. As someone who is incredibly interested in politics I love hearing the perspective of my fellow classmates not only as the future of America but more specifically as young women. In contrast with my left leaning classmates, I am as conservative as they come. People often ask me how I feel about being a female supporter of the GOP because of their controversial stance on women’s issues. It oftentimes will come down to an argument on whether or not I respect the progress that women have made throughout history. This is simply untrue. When it comes to the 2012 race and Mitt Romney, my choice is pretty clear for a lot of reasons.

We all know that women have not always possessed a political voice throughout US history. With the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, this all changed. I am extremely grateful for the strong and dedicated women who crusaded for us to gain this right. So how do my ties to the GOP relate to this? Well, the Republican party stood by women and pushed through our right to vote. At the time this issue was being contested, the Democratic party did not exactly support the idea. From the beginning the Republican party has helped to involve women in politics.

A large debate that often comes up at school is Romney’s point of view regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Well, this is no doubt an extremely controversial issue for women. I have been presented with every argument in the book from “you clearly hate women” to “Mitt Romney hates women” and the fact of the matter is that both these things are simply untrue. It is very difficult to be a socially conservative young woman especially when it comes to the issue of abortion. My pro-life stance is attacked time and time again and is something I have grown accustomed to dealing with. I think that society is pretty unfriendly to young women like myself who take controversial stances such as being pro-life. The argument against conservatives tends to be that we are out of touch with reality. Well, this may be true to a certain extent.

The people I go to when I am struggling with people attacking my political standpoints are my parents. My parents are polar opposite, my mother a relatively strong liberal and my father an extremely strong conservative. I don’t know how they do it, but after 23 years of marriage the difference in political point of views still doesn’t seem to get to them. My parents both maintain that my siblings and I should explore our own political point of views which is something I have done over the past few years. I am pretty firm in my points of view at this point, but it gets hard fielding constant attacks. I am starting to stray a bit from where I initially started this blog, but its blogging so I think that’s allowed! Like most people, I do not appreciate being told I am heartless because of my conservative standpoint. My parents both always tell me not to let it get to me, but that is difficult. I have to wonder if there is a way to be a member of the GOP at any age and of any gender that doesn’t involve being attacked on issues of wealth and greed. Like I said, this is a tangent from my initial topic specifically regarding women in the GOP, but I think it is all relevant.

Trying to zone back in, I think it is important to really look at how the GOP is in fact extremely friendly to women. Women’s issues extend further than just social issues. When it comes to creating jobs and giving opportunities to women to succeed, the President Obama isn’t getting us there. I believe that Mitt Romney is the man who is going to create the jobs and help women maintain our strength in society. My social standpoints, such as being pro-life, will always be contested. The idea that the republican party is made up of wealthy people who don’t care about the people who fall below them economically is probably going to continue to be a misconception within our society. What Romney can do that Obama hasn’t done is at the very least give women more opportunities for jobs and chances to prosper.



  1. Hey Courtney,
    Very interesting post! I almost felt like I had written this entry for the first paragraph; I also go to an all girls school with an overwhelming left slant, which I suppose is something rather common for those in this class.
    One small criticism I have with this entry is the statement that Republicans helped women gain the right to vote but Democrats did not; the Nineteenth Amendment was passed back in 1910, at a time when political parties were different than they are now. There has been quite a bit of political evolution since that time, for example Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat elected president in 1913, hugely favored military intervention. Nowadays, we see that as more of a Republican belief. While yours is a valid point, I think it’s important to evaluate things like this closely.
    I think the Republican party is very unfairly judged by people our age; I definitely seriously considered supporting Mitt Romney for a while, and was definitely a supporter of him around Republican primary time. People argued with me, saying that Republicans don’t care about the poor, among other criticisms. I feel that the statement “Republicans don’t care about the poor” is unjustified. Republican values tend to shift more towards businesses and entrepreneurs; there is more of an emphasis on free market and the idea that America is built on opportunity. (I know I’m generalizing quite a lot, but getting into specifics would stretch this out far too long.) There are certainly many positives to the ideology that I think are very overlooked. I say this as someone who is fairly definite in their liberal beliefs, too.
    Many young people focus very heavily on social issues, which I think is a little unfair. I admittedly do get carried away when it comes to social issues; I have a very hard time arguing with people who do not support gay marriage because gay rights is an issue I care a lot about, but I still understand that it is illogical to base my entire vote off of it.
    It’s good to see that you have a real basis for your beliefs, and it is also interesting that you have such polar opposites in your house. There are several girls at my school who are very conservative, but the loudest of them tend to have very little actual basis for their statements. One of them actually called me a Communist after I expressed my opinions on welfare (which, I can assure you, were not at all reminiscent of Communism).
    I got a little carried away! I apologize – great post!


  2. Hi Courtney,

    I really enjoyed your post and looking at this issue from your perspective. I attend a private school that I would consider a hub of liberal activism. I think that for students like yourself who have conservative views, school can be a very tough place due to the constant pressures to fit (both in general and in terms of political views). I am very happy that you have your strong beliefs, as you are entitled to them as an American. I hope that you can continue to advocate for yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Keep up the great work,



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