Sochinalism- Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Prior to writing this blog, I seriously considered the risks I undertake if I wish to write about a communism-related topic in a democracy country. Although currently I assess no present danger, it is rather hard for me to predict whether there will be a Third Red Scare- lest my grandson’s wife shall lose her job because I post a blog on a communism-related topic.

That being said, I think everyone knows the restriction on people’s speech is imposed much more strictly and rigidly in China than it is here in US. I have had certain blog posts, comments or statuses of my own permanently and automatically deleted, because they contained “sensitive” words or topics.

20130104091811418Aside from restrictions on speech, we do- “occasionally”- get social regulations. For example, because my city is overcrowded with cars, the municipal government came up with the plan that’s nicknamed “Even and Odd Numbers.” Basically, the regulation says that car plates that end with an even number can’t go out during rush hours on certain days of the week, and that plates ending with odd numbers can’t go out during rush hour on the rest of the days. For example, my dad’s car’s plate is A1234, because the plate ends with 4- an even number- it can’t only go out during 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. My mom’s car’s plate ends with a 5- an odd number- it can’t go out during 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m on Tuesday and Thursday. This regulation is particular to some big cities and are not implemented the same way throughout the country. However, on the first day of 2013, a new traffic law was indeed implemented nationally. This new regulation was implemented by The Ministry of Public Security, and it essentially just says cars are required to stop when drivers see a yellow light, as long as the vehicle hasn’t driven passed the white line. For more specifics, refer to

Some of you might deem this an excessive amount of government regulations- and perhaps it really is, after all China follows some main ideology of socialism- but I personally didn’t think so. Growing up in this country, seeing these “regulations” on a day-to-day basis, I had a hard time realizing these regulations are there because we(meaning China) are a Socialist country. I thought this was how government was supposed to function across the globe anyway.

It turns out that I corrected my own thoughts because I now take AP US GOV and

url-1AP COM POL. I stepped into this class- literally, not figuratively- without realizing how closely government and politics are closely linked to my own life. No, when I say this I really mean it.  For my entire life I have taken trains in China named “Harmony Express” without realizing why it’s named Harmony. Why?

Simple. It’s China. We are a socialist and perhaps-communist-but-not-in-the-purest-sense county, and we Chinese have the so-called “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” – we really do value harmony the most!

Oh, by the way, I made up the word “sochianlism” too 🙂 Don’t laugh at me on this one.

PS: For multiple spots in this essay I tried to use satire- I said one and probably meant the exactly opposite. If you caught it, feel free to leave me a comment!


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