TSA: Your best friend or worst enemy?

Whenever I am traveling it always seems the step I dread most is waiting in line for security. Dealing with TSA never proves to me easy, whether it be simply waiting in the line for an hour or having to deal with everyone’s favorite activity: the pat-down. I am guilty of course of getting frustrated with TSA simply because it is an inconvenience.

It seems these days they are always getting slammed for something new in the news, but are we perhaps forgetting that it is their job to protect us? In a post 9/11 world it is no secret that security measures everywhere have been beefed up. I have to wonder if people would mind TSA less if airport security was done through private security companies. Would that make the problem better or worse? Is that even a possibility? I read recently that over half of Americans actually do feel TSA is doing an excellent job. The majority of people also seem to think that the screening procedures currently being used by TSA are reasonable and effective. This leaves me wondering why there is NEVER any good press for TSA. TSA is actually more popular in American than Congress. My age group, younger fliers, actually love and support TSA the most, yet we also complain the most simply because we live in a time where the speed of light isn’t fast enough for us. Gallup says it all folks- we actually approve of TSA! Yet when you are waiting in line to go through security at the airport people roll their eyes, impatiently tap their feet, make rude remarks, and so on. If you are one of the people who is pulled a side for a pat-down, you may act like your world is ending.

In the news we only catch stories of TSA ruining someone’s day and never seem to here the stories of TSA doing things that really help protect us. At the end of the day, the main goal of TSA is to protect us as we venture out into our travels. If the media would start to share more positive stories about TSA and we as citizens started to gain a little more patience perhaps our approval of TSA would grow even more. After all, they are only doing their job (which is to protect us and our country) when they hold you up a little bit next time you are heading on vacation. Image


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