Course Revision, Blog Rebrand and Reboot

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This blog begins a new era today.

Over the last 3 years, this space has shared the writing of students enrolled in my Advanced Placement U.S. Government & Politics course. Students wrote about their understanding of American politics, and also about their experience of taking an AP GOV class that was offered fully online.

This blog will now be updated by students in a face-to-face course called “Government, Politics, and Citizenship.” It’s not online, and it’s certainly not AP – this is an inquiry- and project-based course that seeks to help students understand more deeply the purpose and role government plays in our lives, while asking students how they can use their power as citizens to shape political debate and improve society. Different than in a typical academic, content-driven course, my students will be required to act as citizens in their community. In other words, we’ll be studying government, politics, and citizenship, but we’ll also be DOING citizenship.

I hope you will return often to read the students’ reflections on their learning. You can expect I will share their posts on social media (on Twitter: #comments4kids, #hsgovchat, #APGOV), and I encourage you to follow our blog.


Mike Gwaltney


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