Ideal Government Structures

As is the case in most situations, the key to finding an ideal government in the United States is really at heart an issue of balance. To be more specific a government containing the liberal capacity to allow for change as well as liberty to the people while at the same time maintaining the socialist aspects to enable government programs such as healthcare. We have the privilege of being able to see the strengths and weaknesses that accompany other countries governments. Of course there is a wide range of principles enforced in the variety of diverse governments that occupy the globe. From socialist focused Norway to the North Korean dictatorship we can see how governments are shaped through industrial and economic change before trying out these government types for ourselves. Essentially we can assess the positive and negative factors of different types of governments with no repercussions.

For those not entirely sure of which countries have socialist based governments here.
It seems that the most successful governments that manage to avoid debt and positively impact their people tend to be socialist. For instance, Norway has now had the lowest crime rate for the past 10 years and seems to be improving drastically every day. When comparing a democracy such as the US and Norway many trends are evident that suggest Socialism to be a better inspiration for government.

Obviously there would be difficulties introducing a socialist government to the United States. Not only would conservatives be up in arms but the general population wouldn’t understand a lot of the ideals of a socialist government.


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