Education Decline & Reform for Immigrants

Many (Including myself) believe that education is the key to success in all future endeavors. This concept can be applied to virtually any situation. To put this in more relevant terms an educated American population will lead to a successful nation. So with this in mind it would seem that there would be more emphasis and a greater focus on public school systems as well as higher education. In recent times we have seen a decline in funding in addition to a more apathetic stance toward education in terms of where budgetary priorities lie.

Amount Spent On Individual Students Since 2008

America has always been known as “the land of opportunity”, but can we really say this when we have failed to provide many of our people with the opportunity to achieve a higher level of education without going into debt? As of now I do not think that we can make this statement with utter and complete confidence. While many forward thinking countries are looking to provide free education and other government services in similar realms it seems that the United States has never made an effort to even make steps toward some of these services or even to propose them. One of many examples of progressive governments that look to enhance it’s future is Germany. In current day Germany all education is free which allows students from all demographics to enjoy attending world class institutions even if they lack the financial resources, which would normally restrict students from having the opportunities to receive world class educations. Unfortunately it’s a very different story for many Americans who are forced to take out large student loans to afford a college. Although scholarship programs and other similar financial help systems exist they only are accessible to a very small portion of students and leave the vast majority on their own to deal with college tuition

In fact, for Americans of certain backgrounds it’s even harder to receive help paying for education. In the past all scholarship programs have been very explicit about only allowing documented citizens to participate. This rule has made it increasingly difficult for immigrants to attain high levels of education in our country which again is supposed to be a “land of opportunity to all”. But a brighter future is on the horizon for immigrants seeking education.

Recently more and more states have been experimenting with immigration legislation, largely involving bills to increase access to higher education. Last year, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota and Oregon joined 13 other states where undocumented immigrants who graduate from local high schools can receive in state tuition at public universities and colleges. In places that already grant in state tuition to undocumented immigrants, financial aid may become the next hot topic. In fact, Washington state considered a bill in 2013 that would have granted state financial aid to low-income, undocumented immigrant college students. The proposal passed the state House but died in the Senate. With another year left in the state’s current two-year session, the issue could possibly again resurface.

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