Can Government Really Be Just?

The idea of government, was to create a perfect system that leads people to a better future. Over the course of history, we have learned that the idea is not reality. In fact, there is no country which has accomplished a perfect system of government. In order to achieve a this, a country’s system would have to be beyond just, which makes sense in “a perfect world,” but Earth is far from perfect.

Determining whether a government is just, is completely based on perspective. For example, in the eyes of a wealthy man “living the dream,” the government is just. But, from the perspective of a man living on the streets, barely surviving, the government may seem extremely off axis. Other factors, such as religion, may also skew a person’s decision when deciding whether a government is just. For instance, in World War II, many of the germans believed that their government was just for doing what they did. But, in the eyes of the jews, it was one of the most corrupt and terribly unjust places they had ever seen.

The United States government is many things, but far from just is not one of them. If you compare our system to some of the other around the world, the US government looks nearly completely just. But from within our country, we can see citizens, including veterans, riddle our streets and facing the cold, brisk winters with barely enough warmth to keep them alive.


Presently, with much of the world in turmoil, I believe that the world is molding itself to become the stereotypical future that many hope it to be. In order for the countries around the world to thrive, we must create governments that prioritize the needs of its people. For the United States of America, I believe that our sixteenth president stated what a government needed to be: “A government of the people, by the people, for the people” (Abraham Lincoln). By following these “guidelines,” our democratic government has the potential to thrive into as just as possible in the eyes of our own citizens as well as most other people from all over the Earth.

In order for a government to become as just as possible, all of its surrounding countries must have a national authority that is not far behind our own.  As seen in the combination of México and the US, immigrants are flooding in to seek a better life that our government cannot offer.  This dilemma holds the United States back from progressing towards the possibility of nearly perfectly just government.  This situation is very complex and difficult to solve, not necessarily building an enormous wall across the border.


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