The Political World in 2016 When I’m Trying to Vote for the First Time

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

As I have sat in silence about this topic for the majority of the semester with only one person in this class who knows my secret, I am not a registered Democrat. Yes, it is true I am one of the few conservatives in the city of Portland and am practically an rare item within the OES community. Keeping this in mind, I have the opportunity to vote for the first time come May 17th.Feature_Vote-Stock-Image-714x299.jpg

Without this class, I probably would not have had the energy or the time to delve into the world of government and would have probably asked my dad how he voted. However, when the weekend rolls around and the opportunity to listen to podcasts that are mostly on the election, I give it my full attention. What issues are people talking about that pertain to the candidates? Which candidate has recently had a “scandalous” incident? How do elections and campaigns work and are we discovering a flaw within our system this year?

As I listen to these podcasts and the weekly discussions about them, I like to listen at all of the other people’s opinions. What are my classmate’s thoughts and ideas on the primaries? We discuss a lot about the GOP losing it’s identity this year with their candidate lineup originally being, Carly Fiorna, Donald J Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and few others I probably don’t remember, which means they made no impact on me. Probably a good thing that they dropped out.introducing_the_184_27_donald_j_trump_challenge.jpg

A question that has been concerning our class this semester and frankly, a good portion of Americans, is why people would vote for Donald Trump? I will let you all know I checked my box on my ballot for someone else, and that this question is concerning to me as well. His policies, if there are even any, are weak and he seems willing to negotiate them if necessary. His outlandish remarks have received much backlash from the media and others, yet, it remarks are what draw people to him. It’s not always about the person’s political ideology that convince voters to vote for someone, it can also be about the candidates look, religious beliefs, background, and if they are a “normal human being”. Yet, I am still struggling to see what the appeal for him is as he is an old, orange man, who once said he would date his daughter if she weren’t his daughter. Apparently a good portion of America doesn’t agree with me cause he’s almost secured the GOP nomination. Odd.

On the other side of the spectrum, it seems sort of expected that everyone in the OES community likes Bernie, supports him and his ideas. While I can’t vote for Bernie cause I didn’t receive the democratic ballot nor would I cause his political beliefs don’t alig2012_large.pngn with mine even slightly, I know he has a strong support system, especially in Portland. Hillary, however, seems to have a little bit of a lead on the Bern, yet a lot of her support comes from the Southern states, which typically vote Republican. I wonder what argument Bernie is going to make here as the number of primaries left decreases everyday.


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