TRUMP 2016. Make it happen

Today, Wednesday May 4th 2016, marks a historic day for the GOP. Today is seen as the end of the Republican Party for many with recent news that Trump is the Republican nominee after his big win in Indiana. Reactions range from ecstatic, from people like Ben and myself who have expressed our love for Trump with some accessories, to depressed. Ted Cruz decided it was best for him and his campaign to suspend all operations when it was evident Trump won Indiana. Less than a day after, John Kasich, who has been struggling to be relevant in the party, decided to drop out of the race as well. This is a historic day because the GOP is nominating a candidate with NO political experience.

One of the few things I am looking forward to is a possible presidency of Donald J. Trump. A true American hero who now has the resources to make America great again. I envision his inauguration right now. He looking into the eyes of Obama, then at the crowd of people cheering him on and he, with a grin on his face, looks at Obama and says, “You’re fired.” This is when the crowd starts to roar and everyone starts to live in peace and harmony because my guy, Donald J. Trump, is president.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.16.42 PM

I myself have accepted the inevitable and have acquired some Trump stickers from Andy S. I have been scolded and confronted about having that sticker on my laptop and wearing a shirt and to justify what people would call “stupidity” I say I’m being ironic. Well I’m here to tell you I’m done saying it’s ironic. If people are allowed to be loud and free with their support of Bernie I should be allowed to express my support for Trump’s campaign. I think the US needs some reform and Trump can lead us in the direction of greatness.

Not exactly. Trump, since day one, has been thrown a lot of shade towards from all forms of media. Whenever Trump is talked in the media it seems that they are always criticing him of making fun of him. To an extent I think he deserves it. I believe he has had some pretty controversial statements made and deservingly should be ridiculed for it. I have never seen a candidate more torn apart by everyone than Trump. He has been ridiculed by politicians, his own party, celebrities, and news corporations. Here is the thing, I think Trump deserves positive media attention. At the end of the day he is a candidate for arguably the most powerful position in the world and if people don’t stop and recognize the plans he has and who he is as a person since there is a high likelihood he becomes president of the United States. This win in Indiana could be Trump’s time to prove to many doubters that the is a legit candidate and could possibly do well in the position. He has no competition so now people are going to be focused on his policies and he needs to make sure he has a clear cut plan instead of spewing mumbo jumbo. The funny thing is people are so infuriated they don’t realize Trump has his moments. Yes it is a fact that he consistently ruins his moments, BUT that doesn’t change that he still has his moments.

Sadly there is a high chance Trump will not win because if it comes down to him vs Hillary most moderate conservatives will vote for her compared to moderate liberals voting for Trump. Trump will need to make some more liberal idealistic changes to his campaign in order to gain support from the masses. He seems to be heading in that direction, but is it too little too late? Is his pace fast enough? These are only some of the questions Trump and his campaign team need to be asking themselves for the next couple of weeks as Trump decides who his Vice-President will be and the stances he will decide to take.Works cited:

Now that Trump has presumptively secured the GOP nomination, he is challenged with finding a viable vice president.The way I see it he has two routes. Route A: find a moderate republican so he can appeal to the masses in the general election. Finding a moderate is the most realistic choice for him considering he is constantly being critiqued for his radical viewpoints. Considering a moderate will express his flexibleness to liberals. Route B: Consider an even more radical republican than himself. I would suggest Trump do this if he is very confident that he will win in the general election. If he were to do this, it would minimize his chances of being impeached once in office because the person succeeding him will be even more radical and be a cause for concern. This would be a brilliant approach for Trump and I am sure he and his campaign are considering all options. CNN got intel that he was considering Ben Carson for the position. Trump has said, “Trump has repeatedly stressed that he would pick a running mate with political and government experience — versus a businessman like himself — whose relationships with powerful members of Congress could help him pass his agenda legislatively.” This is good considering how ridiculous it is he made it this far. He is going to need a good politically experienced team to support him, if he were to win the general election.


Trump Photo:,d.ZGg&psig=AFQjCNFqblgKOtTKn9J7KRg21-uQRSwdIw&ust=1462515390068612



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