This is a class blog kept by student-authors and their teacher Mike Gwaltney.

The posts on this blog are part of an ongoing assignment in courses relating to government, politics, and citizenship.

Students freely post their ideas about government and/or politics, with little moderation by the blog owner (their teacher). Students are able to choose their topics, as long as they connect either to the content of the course, or to the process of learning they are engaging with in our class. As such, topics vary widely on this blog! You’ll find posts about politics, as well as about project-based learning, and all kinds of other things.

Our blog assignment.

Our class blogging guidelines.

Our class commenting guidelines.



  1. I’m INSPIRED by your efforts, Mike – well done! When we return from break and begin trimester 3, I’ll invite my GOV students to read and comment… and then students and I will embark on a similar writing project.


    • Thanks Dave. We certainly appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on our blog. Don’t ever hesitate to weigh in on a post, if you’re so moved.

      Let’s keep in touch – perhaps there are opportunities to collaborate? My brick-and-mortar school is Oregon Episcopal, and it might be fun to make a connection with an Episcopal school in Texas. And of course, my online Government kids could benefit from reading your students’ blogs when you get it up and going.




  2. Considering the quality of student posts during the previous school year, I look forward to seeing more thought-provoking comments from students involved in the AP U.S. & Comparative Government & Politics course.
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia


    • We will try to live up to last year, Ross. Certainly, those students set a high bar. I’m quite confident this year’s crew can do just as well (perhaps even better?), and I’m sure the feedback you and others provide here will aid us in that.

      Thanks as always for your support of our blogs.



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